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Filters, accessories and tools for spray Painting and Air Filtration


On this page we have identified the main areas of use / applications of the products for sale on AEROFEEL:
in each of them you can find filters, tools and accessories for the finishing processes that will best meet your needs.

Find out what are the best solutions for your industry.

Filters, Evaporative Panels for Products for Agricolture and Farming

Agricolture and Farming

Filters, DPI, instruments and accessories for Agricolture and Farming, humidification and air cooling in agricultural buildings like greenhouses and animal enclosures (poultry house, swine, barns, pens).

filters for the maintenance of air handling units in Air Treatment systems

Air Treatment

Rigid and Soft Bag Filters and Filter Cells are the more suitable filters for the maintenance of air handling units in Air Treatment systems. In addition to a principle of clean air, a timely change of filters results in a substantial energy savings. With the same air flow rate, an exhausted bag filter consumes in a year far more than its cost in electricity.

AEROFEEL products and solutions for filtration and painting in automotive industry

Automobile repair shop

For attention to detail and sensitivity to the result, the automotive industry is the place where the finishing is expressed at the peak of its possibilities. AEROFEEL offers a complete range of products and solutions for filtration and painting, air intake filters, air filters, the most common filters for overspray removal. In addition, on AEROFEEL you can find all the necessary Protective Equipment safety solutions, like masks & respirators, protecting gloves, safety goggles. AEROFEEL think their products for the most demanding coachbuilders.

Filters & Accessories for air filtration in Catering & Restaurants

Catering and Restaurants

Filters for oven and cooker hoods are the only system for reducing particulates and volatile organic compounds in the kitchens. The filters hoods control emissions, dampen disagreeable odors and limit the deposition of fat in ventilation ducts preventing major risks for hygiene. Products for sale on AEROFEEL for the filtration of air and dust in Catering and Restaurants Industry:

best products for sale on AEROFEEL for the filtration in plants for the production of cement and lime

Concrete Industry

The cement production process involves the transportation of large flows of dust at high concentrations. Environmental standards governing the maximum allowed dust emissions require continuous control of flow rates and concentrations; this is why you need an apparatus of instrumentation efficient, with bag filters and sleeve filters. Discover the best products for sale on AEROFEEL for the filtration in plants for the production of cement and lime: filters and accessories for the filtration of dust, air, protective equipment for health and safety at work. For quotations of large quantities of bag filters, please use the appropriate contact form specifying the measures, the constraint system and the material.

Products for sale on AEROFEEL for the filtration of air and dust in the Hotel Industry

Hotel Industry

Products for sale on AEROFEEL for the filtration of air and dust in the Hotel Industry. In hotels, residence, b&b and in each structure dedicated to hospitality, the air treatment and distribution system is important for the health and comfort of the guests. A scheduled maintenance of the filters of the air handling units, such as bag filters and filter cells, and a good control apparatus of filters clogging with pressure gauges and pressure switches, provides the best operating conditions of the system.

AEROFEEL products for filtration of the processing fumes, liquid painting, metal industry

Metal Processing

Laser cutting and plasma cutting require the use of cartridges for the filtration of the processing fumes. The cartridges for plasma cutting must be very efficient, ensuring a surface accumulation and a low pressure drop, in addition must be flame retardant to not propagate the flame. In the metal processing industry finishing is an important process. Liquid painting and powder coating find in AEROFEEL the best source of supply for price, speed of delivery and quality of products.

smoke geneartors, Protective Mask โ€“ Particulate Respirator for pharmaceutical sector


Filters and filter cells, protective suit, particulate masks and respirators, smoke generators: products for safety in the pharmaceutical sector.

air pollutant filters, pressure control instruments

Power Generation

Wherever it is produced, energy requires a gaseous fluid adjusted in pressure, flow, temperature and concentration of pollutants. AEROFEEL bag filters, filter cells and cartridges, along with pressure control instruments (pressure gauges, filter alarms, pressure switches) represent a full range of solutions available to the maintainer, manager and system integrators in power generation industry.

filter for removal of machining debris and paint overspray in shipyard

Shipbuilding Industry

In shipyards is common to work with extraction systems for the removal of machining debris and paint overspray. AEROFEEL filtering solutions offer a complete range of filters for the removal of pollutants in the form of solid particulates from honing and overspray mist from coating.

AEROFEEL solution for reducing pollutants from painting in tanning industry

Tanning Industry

In tanneries one of the largest cost item is the purchase, demolition and disposal of dyes and paints. For this reason the development of an efficient process of reducing pollutants from painting represents an investment with fast return times. For a consultation on optimizing the automatic leathers painting process, please fill in the contact form.

Wood Industry

One of the most important phases in the woodworking is painting. Both in automatic painting and manual finishing, AEROFEEL offers the best filters on the market for the abatement of the overspray. In addition to filters for paint, AEROFEEL presents a wide selection of masks for respiratory protection (and other PPE), accessories for paint preparation and masking tapes. In woodworking process sleeves filters are necessary at the stage of cutting and of the removal of shavings. The sleeves for carpentry are often made โ€‹โ€‹of cotton and tailored: to order this type of filter, please use the appropriate contact form specifying the measures.