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M5 ePM10 filter for ventilation with custom frame

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Available on backorder

M5 filter with custom-made technopolymer frame thickness 25 or 48 mm.

Thickness25 mm - 48 mm
Efficiency (EN 779) ISO 16890ePM10 65%
Efficiency (EN 779)M5
Fire reaction classF1 (DIN 53438)
Maximum Operating temperature80 ºC


Filters in ISO class ePM10, M5 are made with a custom frame in 25 or 48 mm thickness.

Aerofeel ventilation filters in ISO andPM10 with plastic frames are configurable to be compatible with popular ventilation systems.

The applications of the custom-made Aerofeel minipleat filter


  • protection of heat recovery units in domestic and industrial systems;
  • prefiltration and filtration of medium fine efficiency in air handling units;
  • general filtration of coarse particulate matter;

The quality of custom-made Aerofeel filters

The use of materials with better efficiency, without fiberglass, and the precision of production allow:

  • The regular folds to increase the filtering surface even with small frontal dimensions;
  • the large filter area for high accumulation, higher efficiency, and lower resistance to air passage than a flat filter;
  • the tailored frame to be fit most ventilation systems;

Polypropylene filter elements


Aaerofeel minipleat filters are produced with special polypropylene filter elements composed of a spunbond coarse fiber backing layer laminated with a meltblown fine fiber layer to reconcile the mechanical support of strong fibers with the efficiency of fine fibers.

The filter material is pleated with high-precision equipment, and the pleats are kept at calibrated distances with solvent-free EVA adhesive separators.

Construction and certifications of the filter for ventilation unit


This air filter for Aerofeel employs an advanced PP synthetic fiber filtration paper laminated to spunbond – meltblown layers, without glass fibers, as filter material.

It is in efficiency class M5 according to Standard EN779:2012, ePM10 65% according to ISO 16890. Fire reaction class F1 according to DIN 53438. Folds are evenly separated and calibrated with ethylene vinyl acetate separator of the highest quality.

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