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Category: Panel Air Filter Cells

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Showing all 6 results

Panel Air Filters or Filter Cells are used in air filtration to give to a filter media a stable, handle and standard/custom-sized frame, to simplify the stocking, installation and replacement of the filters.

The range and typology of Panel Air Filters varies for:

  • frame material
  • filter media material
  • flat or pleated configuration of the filter media
  • geometric characteristics of the frame

The most common Panel Air Filters are made in galvanized sheet metal, with thicknesses of 48 or 98 mm and include a pleated filter media to increase the specific filtering surface area.
The galvanized sheet metal is the material most chosen for economical convenience, ease of installation and mechanical characteristics; the galvanized sheet metal Panel Filters, however, have the disadvantage of not being completely incinerable and disposable at the end of their useful life.

Panel Air Filters with cardboard frame partially solve this problem by providing a metal-free filter, completely incinerable and therefore disposable.
The cardboard frame is also often preferred with high pollutant concentrations, as in applications of industrial painting, with filter media for overspray as the Columbus multi-layer Paint Overspray Collectors or the “Paint Stop” Fiber-glass Filter.

Where the replacement convenience is not rewarding than the cost of the entire life cycle of a filter, the preferred solution is instead a frame with replaceable filter element (including Polyester Filters class G3 – G4 in panels, metal filter Sprayex, Synsafe F7 filter in panels), such as Panel Air Filters with tailored plastic frame.
This solution combines the stability of shape of a fixed frame at a reduced cost of the acquisition, management and disposal of the filter material only.