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Filters, accessories and tools for spray Painting and Air Filtration

Ceiling Filter for spray booths M5/EU5 CB600 - in tailored pads

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Wide range of Ceiling Air Filters F5/EU5 CB600 polyester diffusion media available in cut to size panels, suitable for high-efficiency filtration of the intake air in Paint Spray Booths pressurized and automotive paint booths and for the pre-filtration of more efficient filters.

Ceiling Filters are the first requirement for a high quality finish.

EN779 Filtration Efficiency ClassM5 (F5)
ISO 16890 Efficiency ClassePM 10 55%
DIN 53438 Fire Resistance ClassF1
Ceiling Air Filters also available in different size rolls.


The Ceiling Air Filters CB600 for Paint Spray Booths and Automotive Ovens are of non-woven polyester fibers very fine resinated, needled and moistened with adhesive gel.
The outtake air side of the ceiling air filter is finished with a web and a protective layer.
The resulting structure is a random arrangement of the fibers with progressive density in the direction of the air flow.

The Ceiling air filter media is designed to filter the solid particulate of the intake air from the plenum of the spray paint booth so that the finishing process is free from cissings and traces of dust.

The range of paint booth intake air filters provided by AEROFEEL is characterized by very high performance in terms of efficiency and dust accumulation.

The pressure drops typical of High Efficiency Ceiling air filters, lower than filters with homogeneous structure, give the product an excellent behavior as a diffuser of the air flow in the plenum of paint booths and ovens for the bodywork.

In paint processes the Ceiling air filter has the dual function of making uniform the air from the plenum and to accumulate the particles in the intake air inlet of the Spray Booths.

A good Ceiling filter is the basis of a process of high quality finishing; Ceiling Filter CB600 is the best range for weight, progressive structure, oiled adhesive surface, support web on the air outlet.

The Ceiling Filter CB600 has M5 (formerly F5) filtration efficiency class according to the European standard EN779:2012 and F1 fire resistance class according to DIN 53438 Standard.

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