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Filters, accessories and tools for spray Painting and Air Filtration

Metal Flat Panel Filters

 43,92 VAT inc.

 43,92 VAT inc.

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Flat metal panel air filters with galvanised steel frame, aluminum wire filter media for pre-filtration and separation of course dust in HVAC installations.

aluminum wire
galvanized sheet metal
welded steel mesh
98 mm
675 x 730 mm
300 °C

Product Description

Flat metallic Panel Air Filters consist of a filter media made of very robust, water-resistant, aluminum metal mesh, with a galvanized sheet metal frame and welded steel support mesh.

Advantages of the Filter Cells with metal frame:

  • the metal mesh ensures long life,
  • possibility of unlimited regeneration by washing with hot water and detergents,
  • resistance to high temperatures (up to 300 °C),
  • suitable for the intake air of the welding and grinding zones with the presence of sparks.

Metal Panel air filters and metallic flat filter cells are designed for pre-filtration and coarse dust separation, as pre-filters for high efficiency filters in ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC systems), in supply-air systems in industry, in air extraction systems for welding or grinding zones (ideal for sparking protection) or for removal of oil and emulsion mist from the air, in painting systems as outside air filter.

Flat Panel Filters and Filter cells with aluminum filter media have efficiency Class G2 according to EN779:2012 Standard for Air Filters.

Thickness Front Sizes Package Volume Package Weight
98 mm 675 mm x 730 mm 0,05 m³ 5 Kg

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