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Filters, accessories and tools for spray Painting and Air Filtration

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Paint Overspray Collectors Multilayer Filters

Columbus Industries Paint Overspray Collectors: multilayer filters used in Overspray particulates removal from exhaust air of liquid paint Spray Booths; composed of up to eight layers of slit and flame-retardant expanded kraft connected by longitudinal seams in silicone-free yarn, with final layers in mini-mesh or synthetic micro-fibers.

PGTC Filters Comparative Table

PGTC Inertial Pleated Filter consist of a double layer of pleated cardboard with alternating holes, and are normally used as the first barrier to overspray in finishing process in paint spray booths. PGTC Filters Comparative Table – height 0.9 m Model Cut Pleats PGTC 0.9 m x 9.24 m 231 PGTC AE 0.9 m x […]

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