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Filters, accessories and tools for spray Painting and Air Filtration

Inertial Pleated Filter PGTC

 35,00 VAT excluded

 35,00 VAT excluded

The inertial pleated filters, composed of a double layer of pleated cardboard with alternating holes, are normally used as the first barrier to overspray in spray booths.

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The Inertial Pleated Filter, composed of a double layer of pleated cardboard with alternating holes, is designed to fit all types of spray booths, horizontally or vertically, to collect and separate all solid or liquid particles transported by the air flow (adhesives, paint, fibres, tar, lacquer, transparent coatings, Teflon, varnish, powder, etc.), thanks to the changes of direction that the air is forced to perform in its route inside the folds.

In particular, the inertial pleated filters exploit the inertia of the particles of sprayed paint: thanks to this inertia separation system, Overspray can not follow the path between the layers of cardboard of pleated filters and deposits inside them, without restricting air flow.

These filters are normally used as a first barrier for overspray, followed by fiberglass filters.
The pleated cardboard filters therefore represent a cheap solution for a pre-filtration of overspray and only in some cases can be used as the sole element of the filter section.

Also available in flame retardant version.

See comparative table of PGTC filters.

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