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Showing all 5 results

The artificial smoke generated with Smoke Generators and Smoke Machines can be ducted if required, thanks to flexible ducting hoses (available in different diameters) securely connected with appropriate ducting adaptors attached to the front of the smoke machine, allowing the smoke to be distributed and positioned precisely, in hard to reach places or inside containers.

Thanks to ducting hoses, smoke can be easily ducted at very low flow rates to display, for example, a laminar flow, or at high flow rates if you must fill of smoke rooms for testing purpose or for leakage control.

Another advantage of building a smoke distribution system is that smoke machines can be located in the most convenient place, with easy access for changing fluid containers and for maintenance.

A small amount of deposition should be expected in ducting systems as the smoke particles are being artificially restricted, and cannot separate and spread out as they would in free air.
The combination with air blowers or fans can reduce the particle deposition and allows rapid distribution of smoke.