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Ducting Hose Adaptor for Concept Smoke Generators

 45,00 80,00 VAT excluded

 45,00 80,00 VAT excluded

Hose Adapter for smoke ducting at very low flow rates with Concept Colt 4 Smoke machine.


Ducting hose adaptor is an accessory for Concept Smoke Generators: Concept Colt 4 Smoke Machine and Mini Colt 4 Portable Smoke Generator, to be used with the corresponding ducting hose.

Thanks to Ducting adaptors, smoke can be easily ducted at very low flow rates to display, for example, a laminar flow, or at high flow rates if you must fill of smoke rooms for testing purpose or for leakage control.
Ducting adaptor is easy to install and securely connects ducting hose to the front of the smoke machine to allow artificial smoke to be positioned precisely, in hard to reach places or inside containers.

Ducting adaptor is available in two variations:

  • Ducting adaptor 25.4 mm diameter
  • Ducting adaptor 50.8 mm diameter

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