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Concept Colt 4 Smoke Machine

 899,00 1.399,00 VAT excluded

 899,00 1.399,00 VAT excluded

Concept Colt 4 Smoke Machine is one of the most powerful High Capacity portable smoke generators currently available.

The Concept Colt Smoke generators are codified by NATO and used world-wide by many fire defense authorities (UK Fire Brigade) and for training in some of the most important military institutions (Warsash Maritime Academy)


Colt 4 Smoke Machine is a robust, portable high capacity smoke generator that can produce a considerable amount of high persistence, dense smoke “off-power”, using the reserve of stored energy in the large mass of the heat exchanger. This allows the operator to bring the hand held smoke generator from one room to another and produce long-lasting smoke in the necessary amount, without the need to drag an electric cable.

The artificial smoke is produced by heating a substance above its boiling temperature within a heat exchanger.
The substance is then vaporized and is when the steam exits from the heat exchanger and mixes with the atmosphere relatively cold which occurs a rapid condensation of the steam in the form of visible smoke (or, technically, fog).

The range of Concept heat exchangers produces a smoke (or fog) with particles size smaller (just 0.2 – 0.3 micron mmd) compared to conventional smoking systems, providing significant benefits in terms of smoke concentration required to achieve the objectives of dimming, health and safety, sedimentation rate: Concept Colt 4 Smoke Machine creates the most persistent and safest water based smoke available.

In service with numerous fire authorities world-wide, many NATO forces (including the USN for shipboard training), as well as analytical laboratories, cleanroom specialists and HVAC contractors, the Concept Colt Smoke Machine has a reputation for simplicity of operation and reliability and is particularly suited to applications where extremely dense concentrations of smoke are required, or large volumes need to be smoke logged.

The artificial smoke from the Concept Colt Smoke Machine can be ducted using optional ducting adaptors (to suit 25.4 mm and 50.8 mm ducting hoses) enabling the smoke to be introduced into a restricted area, duct or fume cupboard very easily.

Concept Colt 4 Smoke Machine is available in two versions:

  • Colt 4 Basic = 1100 W power
  • Colt 4 Turbo = 2200 W power (generates almost twice the volume of smoke)

Concept Colt 4 Smoke Machine is product by Concept Engineering Ltd.

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