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Filters, accessories and tools for spray Painting and Air Filtration

Paint Overspray Collector - HIGH CAPACITY HC

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HIGH CAPACITY Paint Overspray Collector is a Columbus Industries multilayer filter, especially suitable for heavier, tacky-type coatings, conventional coatings and in situations requiring extended service life.
HC overspray filter is also used in CEFLA finishing units.

94 % ÷ 98 % *
1 x 10 m

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Also known as Columbus Filters (from Columbus Industries, Inc.), raccoglivernice© Paint Overspray Collectors or Arrestors are multilayer filters used in paint mist and Overspray Filtration, to catch and capture particulates from the exhaust air of liquid paint spray booths.

Classified as Hi-tech Paint Collectors, these baffle/strainer-type paint collectors consist of up to eight layers of slit and flame-retardant expanded kraft connected by longitudinal seams in silicone-free yarn.

HIGH CAPACITY Paint Overspray Collector (HC) consists of eight baffle-type layers, in air-flow direction:

  • HC (High Capacity)
  • HC+ (High Capacity inverted)
  • HC (High Capacity)
  • L (Large)
  • Lx (Large crossed)
  • Lx+ (Large crossed)
  • S (Small)
  • MM (Mini-Mesh)

HIGH CAPACITY Paint Overspray Collector features:

  • excellent efficiency and very high particulate holding capacity (thanks to the extremely large baffle openings of the first three layers)
  • flame-retardant expanded kraft layers, with final back layer in mini-mesh
  • all the layers are overlapped and tied by sewing
  • suitable for one stage filtration or pre-filtration

* efficiencies detected by laboratory tests with standard paint

Product Technical Data sheet

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SKU 152
Weight 4,50 kg
Dimensions 100 × 1000 × 2 cm
Efficiencies [%]

94 ÷ 98

Dimensions H * L [m]

1 * 10

Dimensions ⌀ * H [cm]

42 * 115

Weight [kg]


Volume [m³]


Rolls in a m³





Polyethylene bag

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