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Filters, accessories and tools for spray Painting and Air Filtration

Air Flow Indicator

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 124,30 VAT excluded

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The Air Current tester kit includes 10 smoke generator vials for air flows and air currents display and test, with rubber sealing caps and rubber pump.


The Air Flow Indicator tubes ICA 001 can be used universally to detect even the smallest air flows, in order to immediately detect the possible diffusion of dangerous substances, gas.

These Air Flows / Air Current test tubes are used to detect source, direction, intensity and speed of the air flow while monitoring ventilating and air conditioning systems, but also in painting and finishing industry, and in gas leaks identification.

Each Air Flow tester kit consists of a portable box which includes:

  • a pack with 10 Smoke Generator Vials (also sold separately as Air Flows test tubes ICA002)
  • a rubber pump
  • rubber sealing caps
  • a blade for cutting the vials

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