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Cup shaped Mask – Respirator with Activated Carbon and Exhalation Valve

 39,41 42,94 VAT inc.

 39,41 42,94 VAT inc.

Disposable Cup Shaped Face Mask / Particulate Respirator with Activated Carbon and Exhalation Valve.

FFP1 or FFP2
Pack of 10 pieces


The Cup Shaped Mask is an half face protective Respirator, a personal protective equipment effective in respiratory protection of the worker exposed to dusts, fumes, mists (potential irritants of throat and upper respiratory tract).

Disposable, featuring Activated Carbon filter and Exhalation Valve, these Protective Masks allow the worker to work safely, avoiding to breathe, together with the air, all that is mixed to it, in the form of steam, of microscopic liquid particles (aerosols) or solid microparticles (fumes and dust).

Furthermore, the exhalation valve facilitates breathing, ensuring maximum comfort and protection, while the presence of active carbon, effective in retaining unpleasant odors, allows to operate, avoiding the exhalation.

The cup shaped mask with activated carbon and exhalation valve is available in two variants:

  • FFP1: to protect against large solid particles without specific toxicity;
  • FFP2: against aerosol solid and / or liquid indicated as hazardous or irritating.

Additional information

SKU 333/00
Weight 0,26 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 25 cm
Package Volume

2500 cm³

Package Weight

0.26 kg


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