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Andreae Standard Filter

 35,00 VAT excluded

 35,00 VAT excluded

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Original Andreae Standard Filter, inertial pleated paper filter for paint overspray collection with spacing tape.

Cut: 0.9 m x 9.45 m
Pleats: 250


Original Andreae Standard Filter (branded Andreae Filters® and distinguished from other Andreae Team filters for the red spacing tape), is the famous accordion style, pleated paper filter for spray booth exhaust filtration.
Also known as organ filter, gopher card, fluted card filter, painter’s paper and concertina, Andreae Filters are, since 1963, an economical, efficient alternative to common overspray collection filters used around the world in the Liquid Painting and Finishing Industry.

Unique in design and working principle, Andreae Filters hold more paint particles than other exhaust filter media while maintaining uniform air flow around the parts being sprayed. This contributes to a cleaner air environment for the worker and the community at large.

Andreae Filters are EPA compliant, easy to install and dispose, designed to capture any wet solids or liquid particles in an air stream and last longer than fiberglass, expanded paper, polyester or styrofoam media.

Andreae Standard Filter Features:

  • The v-shaped front wall prevents overspray bounce back and particle migration.
  • The deeper v-shaped back wall captures overspray and deposits it outside of the airflow.
  • The filter exhaust holes are positioned to maintain constant airflow during the loading phase.
  • Static pressure increases slowly with the accumulation of overspray resulting in uniform airflow.
  • Red Spacing Tape to limit extension during filter installation

Andreae Filters can be custom cut to most any size and are often OEM in flat line finishing systems.

See the PGTC Filters Comparative Table.
Andreae Filters® is a trademark of ANDREAE TEAM SA.

Additional information

Weight 9,2 kg
Paint Arrestance Filtration Efficiencies

98.2% – 99.4%

Package Volume

0.04 m³

Package Weight

9.20 kg

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