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Viledon® Ceiling Filter PA / 560 G-10 - in tailored pads

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Starting from:  3,30 VAT excluded

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Viledon® Ceiling Filter PA/560 G-10 in pads with adhesive surface; represent an excellent barrier to the passage of dust above 10 microns inside of the painting booth.

EN779 Filtration Efficiency ClassM5 (F5)
DIN 53438 Fire Resistance ClassF1

Product Description

Viledon® PA/560 G-10 micron is a progressively structured diffusion media created by Viledon® to optimize laminar air flow.

  • Progressive media density enhances particle collection efficiency and life of filter;
  • viledon’s proprietary scrim eliminates fiber migration to ensure a mirror-smooth finish.

Viledon® Ceiling Filter PA / 560 are characterized by:

  • PA/560 G-10 is designed for 100% efficiency on 10 micron particles and larger, and 99% on 5 micron particles;
  • PA/560 G-10 qualifies for the highest (SO) class in the Viledon migration test acknowledged throughout the market. For further information please contact your Viledon representative;
  • PA/560 G-10 has a proprietary tackifier completely encapsulating all fibers eliminating particle migration due to mechanical vibrations associated with paint spray booths. The PA-560 G-10 achieves maximum protection against migration of paint damaging particles for today’s high-gloss finishes;
  • PA/560 G-10 has a nominal thickness of 1 inch;
  • PA/560 G-10 is self-extinguishing;
  • PA/560 G-10 micron is resistant to solvent vapors and does not contain silicones;
  • Certified quality: Viledon® Ceiling Filter PA / 560 G-10 have been tested according to EN779:2012 and are manufactured under certified quality management system to ISO 9001. This offers all users the reassuring certainty that all filters will be supplied in consistently high standardized quality, documented by marking the filter mat with brand name, type designation and filter class.

Viledon® is a trademark of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies SE & Co. KG.

Filters Classification EN779:2012   M5
Nominal media velocity [m/s] 0,25
Weight [g/m²] 580
Thickness [mm] 25
Pressure Drop [Pa] 30
Average efficiency [%] 55
Thermal stability [°C] up to 100 briefly up to 120
Moisture resistance, rel. humidity [%] up to 100

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