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Viledon® Ceiling Filter PA-5 micron in tailored pads

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Viledon® Ceiling Filter mats PA-5 micron are the standard for Paint Spray Booths ceiling filtration in finishing processes in the automotive industry and in workshops.

Viledon® Ceiling Filter PA-5 micron is M6 efficiency class (previously F6) according to EN779:2012 Standard and F1 Fire Class according to DIN 53438 Standard and are self-extinguishing.


Viledon® Ceiling Filter mat PA–5 micron is the best solution for final intake air filtration in finishing processes in paint spray booths in automotive industry with particularly stringent requirements for air purity: this synthetic ceiling filter has efficiency Filter Class M6 (previously F6) according to EN779:2012 Standard ensuring 100% arrestance of dust particles > 5 μm.

Ceiling filters are used in paint spray booths to remove airborne contaminants and dust particles passed through the prefilter zone (fine filtration) and to ensure a uniform distribution of the air around the object to be painted.

Viledon Ceiling filter mats are made of high-performance, high-resistance non-woven elastic synthetic (polyester) fibers, thermally bonded and specially smoothed with density increasing towards the clean air side – resulting in a progressive structure, in order to achieve excellent fiber adhesions and to ensure permanent retention of particles already collected throughout the entire operating lifetime.
Viledon® Ceiling filtering media are also eco-friendly, moisture-resistant up to 100 % relative humidity and thermally stable up to 100 °C.

Viledon® Ceiling Filter PA-5 micron features:

  • structure in elastic polyester fibers thermally bonded ensures flexibility, light weight and high resistance
  • progressive distribution of the fibers ensures gradual blockage, low pressure drop, high filtration efficiency and high dust holding capacity.
  • surface specially treated with substances for adhesive action allows to capture more than 3 kg/m² dust
  • can capture not only dust particles measuring > 10 μm (as the Viledon® PA/560 G-10 Celing Filter), but even those measuring > 5 μm

Cost effective and high efficient, the Viledon® PA–5 micron Celing Filter ensures outstanding quality painting results in all the paint-spray processes, even the most sophisticated.

Viledon® is a registered brand from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies SE & Co. KG

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