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Synsafe F7 Filter in tailored pads

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Polyester fibers filter media with low pressure drop for HVAC applications.

10 mm


Synsafe® is a new generation of filter material, safe, efficient, economical for HVAC applications, for coarse and fine filtration of exhaust air in residential, commercial and industrial environments, to be placed in tailored frames or as panels in grilled aspirants.

The Synsafe filter media is characterized by a low pressure drop compared to a good efficiency and an exceptional dust holding capacity.

Synsafe filter media consists of synthetic polyester fibers linked together in a progressive structure, where the density of the filter mat gradually increases according to the depth of the material in the direction of the air flow. This prevents early surface clogging of the filter material and results in a high dust holding capacity and low life cycle cost.

Synsafe filter media is mechanically and thermally bonded, so that the structure and performance of the filter materal is assured even under difficult operating and climatic conditions.

Main advantages of the in Synsafe polyester fibers filter:

  • not inhalable fibers: the high efficiency is no longer obtained by reducing the diameter of the fibers and the compactness of the filter material, but by the use of new technologies;
  • absence of chemical binders: the fibers, greater than 3 microns in diameter, are linked together through mechanical and thermal systems. Synsafe® is made from 100% of synthetic polyester fibers;
  • non-flammable fibers: generally when filters are partially used, mineral fibers shall be supportive to the dust retained on the filter, burning a long time;
  • low pressure drop : the structure of Synsafe®, having no binders or microfibers, is very permeable and provides a low resistance to airflow;
  • elevate dust holding capacity: the extraordinarily “open structure” of Filters of this efficiency class (F7), and the composition made of two layers, offer a large volume available for the collection of the dust retained from the filter. The accumulations per square meter of filter material are higher by more than three times compared to equal efficiency filter materials made of glass microfibers;
  • high resistance to mechanical stresses: which reduces the risk of damage on installation in ceiling frames and wire cages;
  • saving energy, lower installation costs, low noise level: thanks to high accumulation values ​​for low pressure drop, the energy request by the fans is less than that required for other types of equal efficiency filters.
  • high efficiency: the traditional filters of efficiency curves have an increasing trend in clogging function. The Synsafe® curves show, however, a very high efficiency filter to clean, descending for a stretch, then increasing. This behavior is due to electrostatic charges of the fibers and is the most important peculiarity of these filters. The Synsafe® Filters have very high efficiencies from the moment of their installation. Electrostatic charges tend to decrease as the filter accumulates dust; at the same time, however, it increases the mechanical efficiency, as well as it happens for the traditional filters.

The Synsafe® filters have Filtration Efficiency Class F7 according to European Standard EN779:2012.

The Synsafe® filters can be tailored in special sizes, for specific requirements, especially for applications in the Air Treatment.

Synsafe® is a trademark of MANN + HUMMEL

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