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Filters, accessories and tools for spray Painting and Air Filtration

Pocket Filters for fine filtration

 18,96 59,00 VAT excluded

 18,96 59,00 VAT excluded

Bag Filters with plastic (PVC) or galvanized metal support frame for fine filtration and air purification in air handling units for restaurants, hotels, automotive, industry.

600 mm
Frame Thickness
25 mm
Filtering Media
Maximum Operating Temperature
70 °C
Efficiency Class
G4 – M6 – F7 – F8
Number of Pockets / Bags
see the Pockets Table

Product Description

The Pocket Filters (or Bag Filters) for fine filtration are high efficiency filters perfect both as pre-filters or as final filters, ideal for air purification, particularly suitable for horizontal and vertical flows of air handling units (AHU), in kitchen hoods for catering and restaurants, in heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems in public buildings (offices, hospitals, …) and in industry (pharmaceutics, fine-mechanical, food industry).

Pocket / Bag Filters have variable sizes and consist of a variable number of pockets / bags (see Pockets / Bags Table); a typical bag filter has a dimension of 592 x 592 mm with a depth of 600 mm and frame thickness of 25 mm and consists of 3 to 10 parallel bags.

Bag Filter media efficiency varies from very low (coarse filter) to very high (fine filers), with efficiency class G4 – M6 – F7 – F8 according to European Standard EN779:2012.

The Bag filter material is made of polyester fibers of different thickness or number of layers, depending on the required filter performance, fixed to a robust support frame to prevent flexing and buckling (in PVC or galvanized metal) and coated on the air output side with a thin synthetic veil for better strength and protection.

The bag filters are an excellent choice for healthcare facilities, automotive paint booths, commercial buildings and various industrial applications, offering low resistance at a high level of cleaning efficiency with high dust holding capacity; pocket filters are used to increase the filtration area according to the front surface: by increasing the filtration surface area decreases the pressure drop of the filter (energy loss) and increases the accumulation (thus the duration).

Polyester synthetic media Pocket Filters has been developed for the lowest possible energy consumption, which means a very low initial pressure drop, which remains low over the lifetime of the filter.

Pocket / Bag Filters comparative table

COD Front Sizes Efficiency Class Pockets Number Volume Weight
TSO 4 288592600 03 287×592 mm G4 3 0.054 m³ 2 Kg
TSO 6 288592600 05 287×592 mm M6 5 0.054 m³ 2 Kg
TSO 7 288592600 05 287×592 mm F7 5 0.054 m³ 2 Kg
TSO 8 288592600 05 287×592 mm F8 5 0.054 m³ 2 Kg
TSO 4 592592600 06 592×592 mm G4 6 0.108 m³ 3 Kg
TSO 6 592592600 10 592×592 mm M6 10 0.108 m³ 3 Kg
TSO 7 592592600 10 592×592 mm F7 10 0.108 m³ 3 Kg
TSO 8 592592600 10 592×592 mm F8 10 0.108 m³ 3 Kg

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 59,4 × 28,9 cm
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