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3M™ Pre-taped Masking Film with tape

 4,50 9,90 VAT excluded

 4,50 9,90 VAT excluded

Convenient plastic 3M™ pre-taped masking film with 3M™ Scotch® tape for automotive masking painting operations: provides quick covering and perfect adhesion.

25 m


The 3M™ Pre-Taped Masking Film with Scotch® Tape is the perfect solution to cover and mask quickly and precisely the surfaces in automotive painting operations.

The Pre-Taped Masking film is already paired with the tape, so to get the required protection is sufficient to apply the tape, and then stretching the film.

The Pre-Taped Masking film guarantees maximum adhesion on many surfaces: ceramic, exterior, interior, wood, metal, furniture, plastic.

The 3M™ Pre-Taped Masking film is available in different sizes, all with a 25 m long roll:

  • 3M™ Pre-Taped Masking film 5967: 400 mm
  • 3M™ Pre-Taped Masking film 5968: 600 mm
  • 3M™ Pre-Taped Masking film 5969: 900 mm
  • 3M™ Pre-Taped Masking film 5970: 1100 mm
  • 3M™ Pre-Taped Masking film 5971: 1800 mm

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