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FloXact™ measurement probe

 41,00 97,00 VAT excluded

 41,00 97,00 VAT excluded

FloXact™ measurement probe for Differential Pressure Transducer DPT-Flow-U to measure differential pressure and air velocity / air volume in ducts in HVAC/R systems.
Easy to install and use measurement device, high accuracy and low cost.


FloXact measurement probe is a flow rate measurement device to be combined with the Differential Pressure Transducer DPT-Flow-U, a variable coefficient Airflow Transducer for the visualization of the air flow and the measurement of differential pressure and air velocity / air volume in building automation systems in HVAC/R industry.

Easy to install, the FloXact measurement probe allows to measure air velocities in the ducts for ventilation even lower than 1 m/s thanks to an amplification of the signal by 2.5 times; combined with a Differential Pressure Transmitter – FloXact™ Probe is designed to work with most differential pressure transmitters, however, accuracy is significantly improved if the transmitter output is linear to airflow rather than pressure and the DPT-Flow series Airflow Transmitter provides an excellent pairing – allows you to display flow rate in different units of measure and pass it through a 4-20 mA output.

The FloXact Probe is available in different variants depending on the diameter of the circular channels.

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