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Differential Pressure Transducer DPT-Flow U

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 299,00 VAT excluded

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Differential pressure transducer DPT-Flow U 1000 with variable proportionality constant.
Pa scale: 0 1000 Pa


The Differential Pressure Transducer DPT-Flow-U 1000 is a flow meter for the visualization of the air flow widely used in building automation systems in HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) industry.
The DPT-Flow-U Transmitter is applied as a device for monitoring and control the air flow and for the measurement of the flow on centrifugal fans and blowers or inside of pipelines, for in-duct airflow monitoring, or for other VAV applications.
Can be used both to display the value of the flow on site, and as a transmitter for sending the output value to a control system.

DPT-Flow series Airflow Transducers are the most technologically advanced transducers on the market, measuring volume flow, velocity, static and differential pressure.

Simple 3 step configuration:
1) Select correct FloXact measurement probe to fit your duct size
2) Install the probe and DPT-Flow transducer into desired location
3) Look up Kv value on the probe and select corresponding value on DPT-Flow transducer
Result: highly accurate reading of volume flow without any additional manual calculations.

In addition to FloXact measurement probe, DPT-Flow can also be used with fans and dampers to measure air flow.

The smart user interface enables easy selection of settings according to the selected fan or in-duct measurement probe.

DPT-Flow series devices include:

  • Two field selectable functions:
    • Measure and monitor in-duct volume flow, velocity or differential pressure
    • Measure and monitor airflow at centrifugal fans and dampers.
  • Multiple field selectable measurement units:
    • Volume flow: m3/s, m3/h, cfm, l/s
    • Velocity: m/s, ft/min
    • Pressure: inWC, mmWC, Pa, kPa, mbar
  • Unique proportional output options:
    • Volume flow or velocity: voltage (0-10V) or current (4-20mA)
    • Pressure: voltage (0-10V) or current (4-20mA).

DPT-Flow series device options offer:

  • zero function for true automatic zero point calibration, eliminating the need for periodic manual push-button auto zero to ensure long term accuracy.
  • LCD display
  • NIST-calibration documentation

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