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Evaporative Cooler Panels

 73,20 114,68 VAT inc.

 73,20 114,68 VAT inc.

Evaporative Cooler Pads for humidification and air cooling in corrugated and crossed cellulose sheets.

Front Sizes: 600 mm x 1000 mm
Cellulose sheet Wave height:
– 5 mm (50 mm thick panels)
– 7mm (100 – 150 mm thick panels)


The Evaporative Cooler Panels are made from corrugated, wavy cellulose sheets glued together and treated with anti-rot agents and non-toxic resins.
These Evaporative Cooling pads provide superior cooling power due to their unique design, high absorbability, high water-resistance, anti-mildew and long service life, since are easy to clean and will last for many years with proper yearly maintenance.

The Evaporative Cooling Pads work through the exchange of energy between water and air:

  • the water is distributed uniformly over the entire surface of the panel;
  • the energy required for the evaporation of water is taken from the air that passes through the evaporator panels;
  • the air in this way loses part of its temperature and is then humidified and cooled.
  • The panels have excellent efficiency, low operating costs and low load losses.

The Evaporative Cooler Panels are mainly used for humidification and air cooling in air conditioners, but also used in agricultural buildings like greenhouses and animal enclosures (poultry house, swine, barns, pens).

Evaporative Cooling Pads are also a replacement media for evaporative cooling equipment like Champion / Essex, Adobe, and Phoenix Aerocool, and leading portable evaporative cooler brands like Port-A-Cool units.

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SKU SG4545
Weight (please select a variation)
Dimensions 600 × 1000 cm

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Front Size

600 mm x 1000 mm

Cellulose sheet Wave Height

5 mm, 7 mm, 7 mm

Package Volume

0.08 m³, 0.10 m³, 0.12 m³

Package Weight

1.5 Kg, 2.5 Kg, 3.5 Kg

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