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Drift Eliminators in PVC

 59,78 VAT inc.

 59,78 VAT inc.

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Droplet separator ribbing elements with honeycomb cellular structure made of PVC thermoformed assembled rigid sheets for vertical air flows.

Thickness: 130 mm
Front Sizes: 600 mm x 1200 mm


Drift Eliminators are droplet separator ribbing elements made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermoformed assembled rigid sheets.

The drift eliminators are used in all applications where it is necessary to filter water droplets carried by a flow of air.
More specifically, the Drift separators are widely used in water-based Spray Booths, in Cooling towers (to prevent tiny droplets from drifting away due to cooling air flow) and in gas turbines as high performance drift eliminators and droplet eliminators
The inertial droplet separator can also be used as Inlet louvers (for Cooling towers, evaporative coolers, and other applications).

In the use of wet-cooling towers for heat rejection, drift or mist refers to the small droplets of circulating water carried out of the cooling tower by the saturated exhaust air. The droplets contain chemicals and other impurities that pollute the environment. Inertial impaction separators, known as drift or droplet eliminators or separators, are employed to remove the water droplets from the warm exhaust air and conserve water and chemicals for corrosion control and algae control.

The PVC panels give the separator:

  • high mechanical strength;
  • resistance to inorganic chemicals

The configuration in 4 changes of direction allows to obtain a better separation efficiency compared to the classical drift solution in 2 changes of direction.

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