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Filters, accessories and tools for spray Painting and Air Filtration

Snap Bar for collection walls

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The Snap Bar is the ideal tool to positively seal Paint Overspray Collectors to the collection wall.


The Snap Bar (also Snapper Bar™) is a 950 mm long metal fixing bar with snap clips that holds down the filter against the grid of a collection wall.

Its use has spread mainly by the introduction on the market with the dry overspray removal best technology: Columbus Multilayer Paint Overspray Collectors.

It is the easiest and more secure way to seal your collector filter and to eliminate any possibilities of overspray leaking around unsecured edges of your collection wall because of the detachment of filter panels, creating a more positive, leak-proof collector bank seal.

The operations filters replacement in industrial paint booths can be very expensive in terms of time: the Snap Bar allows you to easily change and apply the filter panel in vertical strips directly from the roll without having to go through a process of measuring and cutting, reducing costs and time

This system also allows you to apply the ideal stretch to Paint Overspray Collectors.

Last, Snap Bar can be also used on a inclined filter bank

With Snap Bar, positively sealing the tops and sides of your collector bank is a SNAP!

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Dimensions 95 × 5 × 5 cm
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2500 cm³

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