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Manometer fluid

 15,00 56,00 VAT excluded

 15,00 56,00 VAT excluded

Manometer fluid density 0.78 / 1.87, 20 ml.


The Manometer fluid or Pressure Gauge fluid is a combination of distilled water and additives to reduce the surface tension; is an accessory for Liquid Column Manometers individually sold for refill needs.

There are two variations:

Manometer fluid density 0.78
20 ml of red Manometer fluid with density of 0.78 for Liquid Column Manometers (-50 + 50 Pa and 0 + 600 Pa) and U-Tube Manometers.

Manometer fluid density 1.87
20 ml of blue Manometer fluid with density of 1.87 for Liquid Column Manometers.

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