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Filters, accessories and tools for spray Painting and Air Filtration

Affiliate Program

Earn credit with AEROFEEL!

Sign up for the free AEROFEEL Affiliate Program and earn commissions by promoting our e-commerce.

about AEROFEEL Affiliate Program.

AEROFEEL’s affiliate program allows you to earn advertising commissions by promoting our products and our e-commerce site.

How it works

The affiliate program works this way:

  1. The affiliate places the link to the website or specific AEROFEEL products on their website, blog, social profile or in an email to recommend the purchase to friends, employees or general visitors.
  2. When someone clicks on the reference link (referral link) and places an order on AEROFEEL, the affiliate earns up to 3% on the total amount of the purchase made by the user (excluding taxes and shipping costs). The purchase must be completed within 10 days after the user clicks on the link (using the same browser and keeping cookies).
  3. The earnings are returned exclusively in the form of credits to be used on the next purchase. When the affiliate completes a new order, before the payment he is asked if he wants to deduct from the amount due the credits earned.
How referral links are assigned

Referral links contain a unique tracking code (Tracking ID), which allows you to associate the link to the affiliate.
If a user receives several referral links from different affiliates, the commission for his order will be assigned to the last referral link used to access our e-commerce.

Generation of a referral link

To generate a link with your Tracking ID you must copy the URL of the product or product category you want to promote into the tab ‘Creation Link‘, in the field ‘Page URL’.
You will find the URL at the top of the product page / product category you wish to promote.

You can also give a name to your promotion campaign, so that you can more easily understand which shared link you have earned from.
For example, if you want to recommend one of our products to a friend, you can call that campaign by the name of the friend.
If you want to advertise a product on your website, you can give the campaign the name of the product plus the date (e.g. manometers-2019-01).
Once you have filled in the fields ‘Page URL’ and ‘Campaign Name’, click on the ‘Generate Link’ button.
The ‘Link Referral’ field will appear with the link you need to copy and share.

Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program

For more information about your rights and obligations, commission recognition and payment, please refer to Terms and Conditions of the Program.

To become an affiliate you must have an account on AEROFEEL.